Your Body and acupuncture

Your body has a remarkable capacity to heal itself and get back in balance. All it needs is the right guidance. We help individuals of all ages and backgrounds spark their body’s natural capacity to heal and optimize their health and wellness on a physical and emotional level.


The reason I initially fell in love with acupuncture as a patient is because it looked at me as a whole person with a rich amalgamation of physical, mental and spiritual states – not just a single symptom or malfunctioning body part.

I partner with individuals to address their health holistically, while focusing on remedying their chief concern. Oftentimes, all the body needs is some gentle encouragement to realize it’s full potential for health.

My treatment style is based in classical tradition and incorporates a hands-on approach. When it comes to physical injuries, I utilize trigger point needling, a Western physical medicine technique that is especially effective for treating acute and chronic pain.

Words of Wisdom  from 

Acupuncturist Erika Freed